Music of the Spheres

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Ascent of Man graphic

Delia created a piece as backing music for Bronowski's 1973 BBC TV series The Ascent of Man episode 5: "Music of the Spheres".

Delia's music appears from 44:47 to 46:54 accompanying simple computer graphics; a fragment is repeated in the closing few seconds. The initial part is also used in episode 1 at 1428 seconds without Bronowski speaking over it (below, "Music of the Spheres clean") and in espisode 11 at 650 seconds.

Its tape's catalogue entry is dated May 1972.[1]

Note that this is a different piece from Music of Spheres.


The clean extract from episode 1
Music of the Spheres clean - Spectrogram.jpg

Extract from episode 5, complete but with Bronowski talking over it
Music of the Spheres - Spectrogram.jpg