Oranges and Lemons

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Oranges and Lemons is Delia's gentle play on the melody of the clock chime of St Clements Church in London.

In an interview for Information Please, Delia calls it Greenwich Pips, a play on words where "pips" refers both to the short tone bursts broadcast by Greenwich used to give the precise time, which are sampled to create the melody of the piece, but also to the seeds found in oranges and in lemons.

Though the tape labelled Oranges and Lemons is dated 1968,[1] the master tape for Information Please is dated 1964 and was broadcast in September 1965.[2]

The first half was reused to make the monstrous Time To Go.


Oranges and Lemons - Spectrogram.jpg


  • Broadcast on 4th September 1965 at 8.40pm on the Light Programme[2] as part of the interview with Delia for the programme Information Please,[3] included in the documentary Sculptress of Sound.
  • The catalogue entry for a tape entitled Oranges and Lemons says it was for a radio programme produced by S. Ahonen of the BBC's External Finnish Section and is dated 1968.[1]
  • A mangled version was released on vinyl/CD as Time To Go.


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