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In the BBC Radiophonic Workshop - surviving work catalogue, Delia is credited with music for Playback, a radio play specially written for radio by Gabriel Josipovici[1] and produced by Guy Vaesen.[2]

This is the very last tape for which Delia is credited in the Radiophonic Database and its catalogue entry is dated November 1972,[2] although the playwright says that the play was produced in January 1973 and that "There is no music"[1], so we don't know whether Delia merely helped edit the play, supplied sound effects or whether her music was rejected.

Josipovici continues "The play was produced in January 1973 by that wonderful radio producer, Guy Vaesen, with Maurice Denham, in the lead and edited in the Stereophonic Workshop of the BBC."[1]


  • Broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 30th January 1973.[1]
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 7707.[2]


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