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A Concert of Electronic Music playbill

On 15th January 1968 Delia participated in a concert of electronic music at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London.

The concert opened with her piece Pot Pourri and there is film of her on stage starting the machinery that plays Peter Zinovieff's ‘Partita for Unattended Computer’.[1]

At the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London there was a full house of thirteen hundred people [with] three hundred people turned away, in 1967.[2]

The following day, "Jack" (Albert Chatterly) wrote to Delia[3] saying:

Congratulations on your (far too) tiny bit at
the Q.E. Hall last night. I agreed with the "Times"
that you certainly produced gorgeous sounds.


  • Potpourri - Delia Derbyshire
  • Diversed mind - Ernest Berk
  • 3 4 5 - Tristram Cary
  • Birth is life is power is death is God is... - Tristram Cary
  • December Quartet - Peter Zinovieff
  • Contrasts Essconic (for piano and tape) - Daphne Oram and Ivor Walsworth


  • Partita for unattended computer - Peter Zinovieff
  • Silent Spring - George Newson
  • Syntheses 8, 9 and 12 - Jacob Meyerowitz
  • Agnus Dei - Peter Zinovieff
  • March probabilistic - Peter Zinovieff and Alan Sutcliffe.


  • A few bars of the Partita for Unattended Computer can be heard just after ¾ of the way through the BBC documentary The New Sound of Music.

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