Singing Waters

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"Il Pleut" by Apollinaire

In the Attic Tapes three tapes seem to be for a piece called Singing Waters[1][2] including the lyrics "It is raining women's voices".[3]

The text is the poem “Il pleut” by Apollinaire. Highly evocative and literal treatments of this text. The poem’s graphology is apparently also reflected in Derbyshire’s treatments. [...] The label on this reel presumably refers to Penny as the singer.[4]


  • DD026: "Water Penny Studio"
  • DD068: "Singing Waters" recording session
  • DD069: "Singing Waters" treated material
  • DD091: "Singing Waters" untreated material


  • In James Percival's thesis there is a spectrogram of one of the makeup sounds (Attic Tape CDD/1/7/37[3] from 2'49"-3'00") converted here to noisy and distorted audio by resynthesizing it from the spectrogram

CDD-1-7-37 2'49"-3'00" Water makeup


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