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In 1965/66 Delia worked with poet Rosemary Tonks at the Radiophonic Workshop to create a radio programme Sono-Montage, "an experiment in combining poetry with electronic sound" produced by George MacBeth.[1]

Tape TRW 6373's catalogue entry is dated 1 September 1965 and its notes read:

3 reels.
1: Makeup
2: Premaster
3: Sono-Montage. Completed programme inserts (master)


  • Broadcast on 23rd June 1966 at 10:05 on the Third Programme.[1]
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 6373: "ABC in Sound: Alphabet Poetry (Sono-Montage)" with an excerpt on TRW 5, TRW 7059; Also on TRW 18.[1]
  • There is a 2nd-generation copy on TRW 2078.[2]


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