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TRW 7717 is the master tape of the 1973 radio programme The Space Between which, though it makes no mention of Delia, does contain her piece Great Zoo.[1]

The notes to its catalogue entry read:

"A Stereo Miscellany from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop".
7 reels total:
1&2: SRW 7717 are complete programme. (SRW indicates stereo).
3-6: Inserts - some notes on reels
Reel 6 contains "Travelling Thought" & "La Grande Piece de la Foire de la Rue Delaware"
Reel 7 contains "The Blue Spot" (named after the Blaupunct Logo which happened to be on a box in the studio!) by Malcolm Clarke
and Glynis Jones.
Programme contains stereo version of "Great Zoos of the World" (TRW 7058)


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