The Cracksman

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The Cracksman

Delia's papers contain a copy of an invoice from Delia to the Associated British Picture Corporation dated 25 April 1963 for creating two minutes of electronic sound for the film The Cracksman

Although the 1963 Charlie Drake comedy film by ABPC contains a short sequence in which Drake and some prisoners escape briefly into the prison grounds, its music is orchestral and has nothing matching Delia's description or style.

The musical piece by Delia, which we will call In a Monastery Garden, was not used in the film.

Her only contribution is a short synthetic sound effect near the end of the film while Drake is using an electronic device to open a museum's safe; it consists of a sine wave of varying frequency followed by some feedback noise (at which Drake makes a pained expression).


  • DD153420: Page 1 of handwritten notes: descriptive plans
  • DD153454: Page 2 of handwritten notes: detailed timing and frequencies
  • DD153652: Invoice from Delia to Associated British Picture Corporation dated 25 April 1963