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Tom-Tom is a BBC TV series which ran from 1965 to 1970, produced by John Duggan who left the BBC in 1968.[1]

  • In September 1965 Delia created a signature tune for the series:[2] see Tom-Tom Signature Tune.
  • In September 1966 Delia created music and sound treatment for "Tom-Tom II".[3] See Tom-Tom music.
  • One programme dated 26th November 1968 includes a filmed visit to the Radiophonic Workshop in which a blushing plastic-macked presenter interviews John Baker and others, and in which a long-haired Delia can be seen in the background for a second or two.

A new theme tune was created in the second half of 1968 by John Baker.


  • Part of the 26th November 1968 episode is included at the start of the Masters of Sound feature.