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Delia's papers include a clipping from an unknown newspaper of an article entitles Trendy Beatle about Paul McCartney's tape experiments for the Million Volt Light and Sound Rave.


Trendy Beatle

BEATLE Paul McCartney has prepared a tape of electronic noises--known as music in some circles--for use at a “carnival of light” at Centre 42's Round House next month.

Carnival of light? This is a new art form combining sound with light coming mostly from 15 automatic projectors playing onto 60ft-high screens, which changes colour according to the sound.

There will be another five projectors developed from a Russian invention, whch create patterns, blending and blurring vividly coloured shapes. They will be hand-operated by artists and designers David Vaughan, Douglas Binder and Dudley Edwards, the three men behind this form of entertainment.

The occasion threatens to be one of those eye-dazzling ear-splitting affairs that the trendy have already dubbed “psychedelic son et lumiere.”