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ESL104 is the catalogue number of a 1969 Standard Music Library album of "sound effects". It was:

Recorded while Delia was still employed at the Radiophonic Workshop and working on the White Noise LP. [...] originally released under the pseudonym Russe (a.k.a. Li De la Russe - or "Of the Red" - a reference to her auburn red hair) also features work from David Vorhaus and Brian Hodgson (aka St. George - he was also still under contract to the Beeb!)[1]

This rare mono record was "caned" to provide the music for the '70s television series "The Tomorrow People" and "Timeslip".

The "Delia's ..." tracks derive from her music for the film Work Is A Four Letter Word.

Track list[2]

The tracks with links on the titles and spectrograms are the ones credited to Delia.

Lure of the Space Goddess - Spectrogram.jpg

  • A2 Battle Theme (1:00)
  • A3 Homeric Theme (1:19)
  • A4 Greek Concrete (0:20)
  • A5 Attack Of The Alien Minds (2:19)
  • A6 Gothic Submarine (1:55) (with Brian Hodgson)

Gothic Submarine - Spectrogram.jpg

  • A7 Whirring Menace (2:17)
  • A8 Souls In Space (1:39)
  • A9 Time Capsule (1:52)
  • A10 London Lemons (9 themes)

London Lemons - Spectrogram.jpg

Restless Relays - Spectrogram.jpg

Planetarium - Spectrogram.jpg

  • B3 Wet Asteroid (1:30)
  • B4 Way Out (1:49)

Way Out - Spectrogram.jpg

Fresh Aire - Spectrogram.jpg

Delia's Theme - Spectrogram.jpg

Tentative Delia - Spectrogram.jpg

Delia's Idea - Spectrogram.jpg

Delia's Psychadelian Waltz - Spectrogram.jpg

Delia's Resolve - Spectrogram.jpg

Delia's Dream - Spectrogram.jpg

Delia's Reverie - Spectrogram.jpg

Delia's Fulfilment - Spectrogram.jpg

  • B14 Build Up To... (1:22) - Vorhaus
  • B15 Snide Rhythms (0:05) - Vorhaus


  • Released on vinyl as Standard Music Library album ESL104 in 1969.
  • Released without "London Lemons" on CD and vinyl as The Tomorrow People: Original television music as Trunk Records' JBH017CD and JBH017LP in April 2006.
  • JBH017 is available with audio samples at Moovie Grooves.
  • It has been rereleased as Electronic: Delia Derbyshire on BoomKat