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Procession of the Matachines, from wikipedia

Mattachin is a piece by Delia lasting 1:06 in the style of a medieval Pavane, realized with musique concrète and electronic sounds, "a fine reworking / extension of the structure of her Talk Out".[1]

John Cavanagh: It's some time since you heard that track, I guess.
Delia: Yes, since 1968, I think. I'm tickled pink by it. It's charming, isn't it?[2]

A Matachín is a sword dancer in ritual costume.[3]

Talk Out, which has the same rhythm track, is from 1964,[4] but the tape for Movement, Mime and Music II, which includes Mattachin, was checked out from BBC stores in 1962[5] and a note in Delia's papers reads: "By Aug.26 [1963] - send TRW 5016 to R P Current Library (M M & M II)".[6].

From all this, we conclude that she created it in 1962 or early 1963.


The Performing Right Society's list of works by Delia Ann Derbyshire has:

Title: Mattachin
Writer(s): Derbyshire, Delia Ann
Publisher: BBC Worldwide Music
Creation date: 1 January 1984

but under UK law, all audio recordings made before 1963 are in the public domain.


Mattachin - Spectrogram.jpg