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"Amazing Graces: Delia Derbyshire, Dr. Who theme tune co-composer" is a 12-minute biographcal radio documentary about Delia, by "The Irish Audio Project" and narrated by Breege Brennan, whose degree thesis was about Delia.


00:22 “They hired Ron Grainer to write the music. Grainer wanted an unusual sound, smething edgy and unearthly. He visited the Radiophonic Workshop, a BBC that created sound effects and music. There, Grainer met studio assistant Delia Derbyshire and gave her his famously brief notes [...] and then he went on holidays. With her colleagues, Delia worked night and day on the project and when Graoner returned from holidays two weeks later, this is what he heard [the opening bars of Doctor Who].”

“As a child, she played piano and violin. For her A-levels she took Mathematics, Physics and Theoretical Mechanics. She graduated from Cambridge University in 1959 with an M.A. in Maths and Music.”