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DD080404 is a letter dated 1st January 1968 from Kaleidophon to "Barry" concluding the work on the film Work Is A Four Letter Word.

Presumably, "Barry" is Barry Krost, Kaleidophon's agent.[1]


                                         1, Clarendon Lodge,
                                         56, Clarendon Road,
                                         LONDON. W.11.

                                         1st January, 1968.

Dear Barry,

           A very happy and prosperous New Year to you!

           Thank you for arranging the "Work Is A Four Letter Word"
job.  The film was delightful to work on and we feel we have two
very satisfied customers.

           We must however ask you not to accept that scale of
fee for future film work.  The amount we were paid for this job
did not cover the operating costs of our Studio - indeed
we suffered a paper loss of £250.

           We feel you should point out to future clients that
when we provide electronic music they do not incur the usual
recording studio costs as they would with conventional composers.

           However we enjoyed doing the job enormously.


  1. DD100908: Letter naming Barry Krost Associates as Kaleidophon's agent.