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DD100908 is a typewritten draft of a flyer for Kaleidophon's involvement in The Coloured Wall event and mentions their music for King Lear.

There is a high-definition scan of it in the Medialink library.


K A L E I D O P H O N.....at the coloured wall
= = = = = = = = = = =

Kaleidophon is a new firm specialising in the production
of electronic music and electronic sound for commercial

Having recently completed tracks for the forthcoming 'Royal
Shakespeare Company' production of "King Lear" at Stratford-
upon-Avon, they are at present involved in the composition
and realisation of musical themes to lead the national
advertising campaign of an important foreign bank.

The group produces pop music under the name 'The White Noise'/
One of their first songs, 'Love without Sound'*, now in pro-
duction, has been included as part of the electronic music
at t h  e   c o l o u r e d   w a l l.......

The group is solely represented by
Barry Krost Associates
11a Albermarle Street
London W.1.

* Solo singer - J O H N W H I T M A N