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DD081659 is a memo to Desmond Briscoe consisting of the pencilled summary of a phone call from Robin Gwynn about Science All Around - Sound and some notes in other hands, ultimately forwarded to Delia.

Tape TRW7420 is, in fact, Science All Around - Sound, issued in June 1971,


  Robin Gwynn  T V Schools rang
     Room 708  Villiers House  EXT 264

  Doing a prog on Shnadlies plate . wants
  a tune based on resonant freq of the plate.
  I said you would get someone to ring him.
  He wants to film in 7 - 10 days

              proj no  . 2911/1202

[in biro in another hand:]
                     TRW 7420

       Week 22    if on film
End of  "   24    if in Studio live
              (in Studio 23rd JUNE)

        DD  to  phone  pm

[in a different biro in Desmond Briscoe's hand:]
         Could you please try to fit this in.