Desmond Briscoe

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Desmond Briscoe
Delia Derbyshire with pen and Desmond Briscoe
Desmond Briscoe's monogram from DD081659

Desmond Briscoe (1925-2006) founded the BBC Radiophonic Workshop with Daphne Oram in 1958 and was Delia's immediate boss while she worked there from 1962-73.


The mathematics of sound came naturally to her and she could take a set of figures and build them into music in a way quite different from anyone else....She stayed on to contribute an enormous amount of very beautiful - almost unearthly - and quite remarkable music.
   -- Briscoe and Curtis Bramwell: 1983, p.83, quoted in the Radiophonic Ladies interview

I remember bounding into the canteen and saying to my boss 'This producer's just listened to my music and he's going to use it!' His reply was 'You call that stuff music?!'
   -- Delia in the Soundhouse interview

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