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DD091922 is a "cut version" of a TV/Film Script by Young & Rubicam Ltd. (Advertising) for Proctor & Gamble entitled Outer Space for which Delia is to create the piece Spin.

There is a high-definition scan of this in the Medialink library.


                                                        Cut version
        Young & Rubicam, Ltd.                      TV/FILM SCRIPT
Greater London House, Hampstead Road               Client:  Proctor & Gamble Limited
             London, NW1                           Product: IL.55
        Telephone EUSton 9366                      Job No.: 55275
                                                   Time Length: 60 seconds
                                                   Title: "Outer Space"
                                                   Date Typed: 20th April, 1966.

Frame               Vision                                    Sound

  1,    Open on galactic nebula growing larger     Electronic music.
                                                   Male V/O:
                                                   From the future it somes to amaze
                                                   every woman who sees it.

  2.    Cut to C.U. or womn, starkly lit,          Woman:
        registering amazement.                     Uuuuuuhhhhh!

  3.    Mix to C.U. of pack in silhouette with     Male V/O:
        pulse beat radiations.                     And you=  Will you be ble to resist
                                                   it's magnetism?  Find out ... if you
                                                   dare ...

        Light pack and zoom in.                    ... when you try SPIN!

[and so on..]