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The Medialink library is a 610MB collection of 137 high-definition scans of Delia's Attic papers.

There is also a page with thumbnails of all these images.


File name Photosnap Notes
Ariel_article DD111832 Newspaper article The Electronic Music Makers
BBCRW_briscoe1 none Desmond Briscoe's article "THE B.B.C. RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP", page 1
BBCRW_briscoe2 none Page 2
BBCRWinfo_nocredit none Page 6, maybe of the above: "Personal credit is not given for BBCRW work"
BBCRWinfosheet1 none Undated list of equipment available at the BBCRW
BBCRWmonograph1 DD160012 "Radiophonics in the BBC", page 6
BBCRWmonograph2 DD160042 "Radiophonics in the BBC", page 7
BBCRWmonograph3 DD160056 "Radiophonics in the BBC", page 8
BBC_letter DD141636 Letter dated 7 July 1970 about division of the Italia Prize for The Bagman
BBC_tapereport none "BBC Tape Recording and Editing Report" for Dr Who effects, dated 11 Jan 1972
EMSbrochure1 DD160538 Brochure for EMS, page 1
EMSbrochure2 DD160550 Brochure for EMS, page 2
EMSbrochure3 DD160602 Brochure for EMS, page 3
EMSbrochure4 DD160630 Brochure for EMS, page 4
Kaleidophon1 DD100908 "Kaleidophon at The Coloured Wall"
Kaleidophon2 DD100926 "Kaleidophon: Current and recent commissions
Newley DD083253 Delia's list of tapes she made for Moogies Bloogies
Observer_article DD110056 Newspaper article "Square wave, hip sound", March 1965
PaulMcC_article1 none 25 March 1966 newspaper article about Paul McCartney, page 1
PaulMcC_article2 none Page 2
RWworksheet none A blank "Radiophonic Workshop Daily Work Sheet"
UDPconcert_leaflet1 none The long version of the 1966 Unit Delta Plus Concert of Electronic Music programme, page 1
UDPconcert_leaflet2 none Page 2
UDPconcert_leaflet3 none Page 3
UDPconcert_leaflet4 none Page 4
UDPconcert_leaflet5 none Page 5
UDPconcert_leaflet6 none Page 6
UDPconcert_leaflet7 none Page 7
UDPconcert_leaflet8_photo none Page 8: A photo of part of their studio
UDPconcert_program1 DD154505 The short version of the 1966 Unit Delta Plus Concert of Electronic Music programme, outside cover
UDPconcert_program2 DD154514 inside fold
UDPleaflet_notes1 none Typewritten draft of the intro to the long concert programme, page 1
UDPleaflet_notes2 none Page 2
UDPletterhead none Draft letter from Delia to Barry Bermange 22.8.66 on Unit Delta Plus paper with curvy black logo
UDPletterhead2 DD080237 Plain Unit Delta Plus letter paper with a black and red, more stylised logo
UDPpostcard none Postcard from "B" with the curvy logo
VCS3settings_chart DD163536 "Orpheus: Explosions"
VCS3settings_macbeth1 DD154749 "Macbeth: Seawash"
VCS3settings_macbeth2 DD154725 "Macbeth: "last frog, cat, owl, etc."
apologies none Memo from Helen Rapp apologising for playing Delia's music at the wrong speed
clanfolk_cover DD141044 Cover of review "Clanfolk: The BBC Folk Song Club Magazine"
clanfolk_estorm_review DD141319 Review of An Electric Storm in Clanfolk September/October 1969
clippings1 DD105933 Radio Times clippings for the first broadcast of The Dreams and Amor Dei
clippings2 DD110010
Radio Times articles on The Evenings of Certain Lives and Amor Dei
clippings3 DD110130
Radio Times clipping for An ABC in Sound and article The Sound Barrier
computermusic_programme DD134310 Cover of booklet for the 1969 event Esperienze di Computer Music
cuesheet DD091922 Cue sheet for Proctor & Gamble commercial Spin
cuesheet2 DD150638 "Electronic Music: Documentary Suite", which would become Electrosonic
descriptive_cuesheet none A preprinted "descriptive cuesheet" describing the sounds used in a production
descriptive_cuesheet_full DD081109 Descriptive cuesheeet for The Living World
diagram1 DD164409 Radio Newsreel: Diagrams "Wh.n piano"
diagram2 DD154626 Radio Newsreel: Diagrams "f+E+N-2.75 in dBv2"
diagram3 DD164444 Radio Newsreel: Notes "Typewriter" and "Tape 1-19"
diagram4 none Circuit diagram
diagram5 none Circuit diagram
doodles DD090627 A list of pieces to use for the ICI Fashion Show
electricstorm_notes1 DD165602 An Electric Storm Copy of Master Tape Labels
electricstorm_notes2 DD165435 3rd Draft of sleeve notes
electricstorm_notes3 DD165442 Page 2 of the above
electricstorm_notes4 DD165501 Draft of credits for sleeve
envelope_toDD1 DD160759 Envelope addressed to Delia at the BBCRW, 10 July 1966
envelope_toDD2 DD095617 Envelope addressed to Delia at Unit Delta Plus, 29 August 1967
envelope_toDD3 DD091236 Envelope addressed to Delia at 10 Clifton Road, 24 October 1966
envelope_toDD4 DD091244 Delia's notes for Way Out in Piccadilly on the back of the above
envelope_toDD5 DD135506 Envelope addressed to Delia at Kaleidophon, 30 March 1971
expo_programme1 DD134116 Cover of booklet "Exposition des Musiques expérimentales 1948-1967"
expo_programme2 DD134113 Cover of booklet "Exposition des Musiques expérimentales 1948-1966"
fashion_programme DD090322 Page 1 of the booklet for the ICI Fashion Show
guardian_article DD125906 Article Dial a tune in The Guardian, 9th September
hellhouse_cuesheet none Che sheet 5M1 for The Legend of Hell House: "Statue & Silhouette Sex Scene"
herecomefleas DD112125 Typewritten lyrics for Here Come the Fleas
journées_programme DD133825 Cover of booklet "Journées de Recherche: Vingt ans de musique concrète", 12-15 May 1968
letter1 DD112601 Letter from Fred Willetts dated 19th March 1967
letter2 none Undated letter from Christine Edge of the Sunday Mercury newspaper to Derek, forwarded to Delia about the article Morse code musician.
macbeth_cover DD084055 Cover of theatre programme for RSC Macbeth (1967)
macbeth_fxlist DD133653 List of effects and music for Macbeth (1970)
macbeth_fxlist2 DD140239 List of effects for Macbeth (1971) Act I and Act II
macbeth_fxlist3 DD140140 List of sound for Macbeth (1971) from I.1. to V.7.
macbeth_playbill DD084409 Cast list for RSC Macbeth (1967)
macbeth_playbill2 DD135629 Cover of theatre programme for Greenwich Theatre Macbeth (1971)
medea_script_cover DD080520 Cover of the script for Medea
mercury_article none Newspaper article Morse code musician
notation1 DD092413 Manuscript score for tunes 2 & 3 of Work is a Four Letter Word
notation2 Manuscript score starting with "London Bridge is falling down" theme; "mixed with spr.e.m.5 on pips"; "working in!"
notation3 DD092511 Manuscript score for tune 1 Work is a Four Letter Word
notation4 DD092057 Manuscript score for Spin
notation5 DD112904 Manuscript score for Rorate Coeli: "ANALYSIS I - CLUSTERS"
notation6 DD081913 Manuscript score for Science All Around - Sound
notation7 DD123106 Manuscript score "3.67", Happy Birthday, Maths Prog
notation8 DD155744 ?
notation_amordei DD113127 Manuscript score for Amor Dei
notation_music2undress2 DD155635 Manuscript score for Music to Undress to
notation_sciencehealth DD113144 Manuscript score for Science and Health
notation_towardstomorrow DD122728 Manuscript score for Towards Tomorrow
notes1 DD154553 Diagrammatic score and notes "4.13 & 16, TAPE1, TAPE2" for an unidentified piece
notes2 DD101436 Notes and diagrammatic score for Who Is
notes3 DD082430 Handwritten mood descriptions on the back of a letter confirming the Brighton Festival
notes4 DD083920 A page of Delia's handwritten notes for Newley
notes5 DD085610 Diagrammatic scores for Work Is A Four Letter Word
notes6 DD084831 Timelines for Work Is A Four Letter Word
notes7 DD092029 Scheme on graph paper for Spin
notes8 DD092020 Diagrammatic score for Spin
notes9 DD112828 Data sheet for Rorate Coeli
notes10 DD112714 Handwritten notes for Rorate Coeli
notes11 DD112651 Handwritten notes for Rorate Coeli
notes12 DD112759 Data sheet "ANALYSIS II" for Rorate Coeli
notes13 DD081808 Diagrammatic chord sequences for Science All Around - Sound
notes14 DD115438 Score on 6 notes for unidentified piece D = A220
notes15 none "Message for M..."
notes16 DD114249 Piano-roll score on graph paper "Delta 60"
notes17 DD124105 Handwritten notes for ???
notes18 DD123913 Handwritten notes "Ext. 20" basic material to 2'44"
notes19 DD164325 Planning and diagrammatic score for Radio Newsreel
notes20 none Calculations
notes21 DD153803 Handwritten notes for The Dreams
notes22 DD153403 Columns of figures "When I Was Young"
notes23 DD153454 Calculations for The Cracksman
notes24 DD143039 Handwritten notes for This Question of Pressures.
notes25 DD074508 Calculations of various frequency scales "Pythag."
notes26 DD073316 Scientific calculations
permission DD074801 Letter from Delia to BBC asking to reuse music at Bagnor
radiovision DD105241 Cover of "Paolozzi Art & Design BBC radiovision NOTES, AUTUMN 1971"
staffpaper-cln none Blank manuscript paper
stores_requisition DD160949
telegram1 none Undated telegram "Best wishes" from Brian to Delia and Peter at Bagnor
telegram2 DD100734 Telegram "Tiger puts on weight"
telegram3 DD084246 Envelope of a telegram to Unit Delta Plus at Stratford
telegram4 none Greetings telegram to Unit Delta Plus at Stratford
telegram5 DD080940 Letter from Robina Gyle-Thompson to Delia about The Living World
timeout_cover DD154843 Cover of "Time Out in London" which contains
timeout_review DD154918 a scathing review of An Electric Storm
watermill_map none Map showing how to get to the Watermill Theatre in Bagnor