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DD093852 is a letter (from Delia and Brian?) to "Martin" (Martin Landau?), thanking him for his hospitality in Liverpool when they went there for the opening of Ron Grainer's play On The Level, for which Unit Delta Plus provided some music.


      Dear Martin

We were delighted to receive your letter of
28th February.  We were writing to you anyway
to thank you for your very generous hospitality
up in Liverpool, particularly for the party on
Friday night, which was fabulous.

We'd also like to say what a marvellous ex-
perience it was to be involved, if only in a
minor capacity, in your production, and to
congratulate you on the happy. enthusiastic
atmosphere you have created and maintained
in the company as a whole.

You have our very best wishes for the continued
success of the show - it's obviously going to
be a great hit - and we're looking forward to
having the opportunity of working with you again.

             Your sincerely