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DD152547 is the first page of a list of the musical elements that Delia created for The Naked Sun.

The second page is DD152604.


2079   [conversation?]  6562
  80    Liverpool

M1   P.5-6     "A high humming note"      Int. transport capsule
     SC.3      Music 2½ mins

M2   P.7        same 2½ mins                    same

M3   P.8        Stab                      (rips off robot's shirt)

M4   P.9-10    Music to a                 Capsule ceiling plate slides back
     TK 30s.    blinding crescendo                 to shoe sun.
               electronic music             & Telecine 2 - solaria process shots

M5   P.14      "high pitched note"        Conversation room

M6   P.21      "high sustained chord      Solarian landscape
      TK       indicating birds, flowers,
                    a brook

M7   P.25 TK   music dramatic crescendo   Bailey overcome by sun.

M7a  P.27 SC.7 Gruer poisoned - stab

M8   P.39-40   suspense                   baby farm entrance hall

M9   P.40-42   to indicate                foetal laboratory
               "wailing of babies"        theinto[?] childrens dep.t

M10  P.44      music excitement           Bailey attacked with
      SC.13    whistle of arrows                  bow & arrow
               over[?] stab[?]

M11  P.47      A Stab                     "arrow was poisoned"

M11a P.49 SC.14 A Stab (ex poisoned -)

M11b P.52 SC.15 (7a type)

M12  P.53      Music - landscape -        See M4
      TK          peaceful, serene        Baley & Gladia

M13  P.56-7    as M7 crescendo & climax   Bailey overcome by sun

M13a P.59      M11

M14 ? P.60     "high pitched busy note"   Robots voices at
     [SC.17]                                   monitor console

M15  P.65        stab 3-5 sec              [Sun?] crashed down.
      SC.18           ending abruptly

M16  P.66      "high pitched busy note"   Robots trying to contact.

M17  P.68-9    dramatic crescendo         Leebig's panic & death