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DD152604 is the second page of Delia's list of musical elements for The Naked Sun.

The first page is DD152547.


M.18  P.69-71     Sad minor landscape music     Baley & Gladia
      TK             ends gently

M.19  P.74        Like M4 - crescendo           Baley slides back panel
      TK          increasing  ???????               - sun -
        20 secs.  ends with great climax

      doors: round smooth, Elec. eye

  landscape   M6,12,18.

 background: interior o capsule. M1,2         "BB's lowest" ½ sp.
                     /conversation room   M5  "treated misc. mus"
                    //baby farm entrance  M8
                    \\foetal lab.         M9  "BB's 1st stage tr.t[?]" + SC sp.
                     \monitor console     M14,16

Dramatic crescendos: /slides ceiling  M4,19
                     \overcome by sun  7,13

                     /excitement      M10
                     \Leebig's death  M17
         stabs       \   M3,11,15