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DD155129 is a list of BBC Radiophonic Workshop facilities, other than those in Workshops 1 and 2, in 1963.

The first sheet of this document is DD155044 and the next sheet is DD155145.


                          - 4 -

      Copying and editing room containing:-
              Tape recorder, 7½ and 15 i.p.s. (EMI, TR 90)
              Tape recorder, 7½ and 15 i.p.s. (Ampex)
              Tape recorder, 15 and 30 i.p.s. (RGD)
              Tape recorder, 3 to 8 i.p.s. (Reflectograph)
              Tape recorder, 7½ and 15 i.p.s. (Ferrograph)
              Tape recorder, 3¾ and 7½ i.p.s., twin track (Ferrograph)
              4-channel mixer with monitoring facilities

      Small studio used for recording sounds, speech inserts
        and percussion and other musical instruments, including
        treated piano with direct crystal pick-up on sound board.

      Area for the design and development of technical equipment

      Use of main music studios for recording high quality speech
        and musical sounds.  Instruments available include organ,
        the specially designed Multicolourtone and other electronic
        organs, etc.

      There is complete flexibilty of interconnection between all
        equipment in the workshops and the copying and editing room.