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DD155144 is a list of BBC Radiophonic Workshop facilities in Workshop 2 in 1963.

The first sheet of this document is DD155044 and the next sheet is DD155129.


                                - 3 -
I    b)   12 sine/square wave generators (Jason) associated with keying unit
             and adjustable decay unit (workshop construction)
          High stability decade sine wave generator (Muirhead-Wigan)
          Sine wave generator with frequency modulation (Brüel and Kjaer)
          Square wave shaper (Muirhead)
          Zither and guitar with electromagnetic pick-ups

II   a)   Reverberation plate (EMT) with remote control
          4 high/low pass filters with 9 cut-off frequencies (BBC)
          Variable frequency response control unit (BBC)

III  a)   Tape recorder, 7½ and 15 i.p.s.  (EMI, BTR 2)
          3 tape recorders, 7½ and 15 i.p.s.  (Philips, EL3503)
          Tape recorder, 7½ and 15 i.p.s.  (Ferrograph)
          Disk playing equipment (BBC)

     b)   8-track tape recorder with continuously variable speed from
            0 to 40 i.p.s.; uses 1" tape (Leevers Rich)
          Specially designed mixing controls with 20 channels each with a
            pre-set attenuator.  8 channels are normally associated with
            8-track tape recorder.  The remaining 12 are low level input
            channels, with switching facilities making available three
            types of artificial reverberation.  Each channel may be
            independent, or switched to either of two group faders
            associated with different filters.  Remote control of four tape
            recorders and acoustic fold-back facilities are included.

IV        Oscilloscope (Cossor, double beam)
          Peak programme meters (BBC)

V         Loudspeakers (BBC)