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DD163832 is the first sheet of "General Information and Timetable" for the Dartington Hall Summer Course, giving little more than the names of the local organizers.

Unfortunately, the other pages of this brochure are not in our collection of photo-snaps, but by squinting at this snap in the mirror, a few phrases can be read from page two, including "Tea may be taken at the end of each session" and mentions of meals, soft drinks and coffee.


                       SUMMER SCHOOL OF MUSIC  1962

Staff and students are resident at the HALL, ALLER PARK SCHOOL, HIGHCROSS,
and FOXHOLE SCHOOL.       The HALL lies half way between the two schools,
which are a mile apart.      The quickest way on foot between the HALL and
FOXHOLE is through the HALL GARDENS.

     Choral practices, lectures, concerts and film shows will take place in
the Barn Theatre and the Banqueting Hall at Dartington Hall.    Some of the
classes will take place at Foxhole.


                  SECRETARY:          JOHN AMIS

                  REGISTRAR:          BEATRICE MUSSON

     The main Summer School Office is at the HALL.    This will be open daily
from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and from 2.00 to 5.30 p.m., and on Saturday nights
until a late hour.

     Branch offices are open at FOXHOLE and ALLER PARK all day Saturday,
on Sunday morning, and then daily from 9.00 - 9.30 a.m. and 1.30 - 2.00 p.m.
MISS B. MUSSON, MR. AMIS, and MISS JUDITH JACKSON will be in charge of the Hall
MR. and MRS. KEITH RAMSAY will be in charge of the FOXHOLE office.
MR. OLIVER BEARE and MRS. DODIE KABRAJI will be in charge of the ALLER PARK offic
The stage-management at the Hall is organised by Dr. Jeremy Wilson and a team
including Colin Sims and Arthur Littlewood.   Secretaries:  Miss Timmins and
Mrs. Musgrave.

     Please carry your ticket at all times since it may be necessary to show it
at lectures, concerts, film shows, classes and meals.
This is essential because many members of the public visit Dartington.

     As there are many visitors wanting to attend concerts it would be
appreciated if summer schoolers could be seated by 8.10 do that we can then
see how many spare seats there are.

     At each of the three residential centres Social Hosts and Hostesses
have been appointed to give assistance in domestic matters.    They are:

     THE HALL                       FRAUKE HANSEN

     ALLER PARK                     DODIE KABRAJI
                                    OLIVER BEARE

     FOXHOLE     Weeks 1 and 2     MR. and MRS. KEITH RAMSAY

                 Weeks 3 and 4     CLARE SANTER
                                   SHEILA VOZE