Doctor Who: Inferno

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Doctor Who: Inferno is a story in the Doctor Who TV series in which Delia's music was used without her knowledge.

Austen Atkinson-Broadbelt: How did some of Derbyshire's music concrete come to be used as stock music on the Pertwee story Inferno?
Delia: News to me! I was still at the Workshop then. I'm sure nobody told me that it was being used.[1]


The Delian Mode and Blue Veils and Golden Sands are used, as well as Brian Hodgson's Souls in Space, Attack of the Alien Minds, Homeric Theme and Battle Theme from ESL104[2] and there are two unidentified pieces which may or may not be Delia's:

  • Episode 1 from 13:51-14:05: four groups of four hits on four percussive instruments in a rising series (four low, four mid-low, four mid-high, four high, repeated)
  • Episode 3 from 6:52-8:32: Rhythm and chords as backing to a car chase.