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KPM1104 album cover
Back of KPM1104 album cover

Electrosonic is an album of “Library samples of electronic music for radio, TV and film industry.”

All tracks are credited to Harper/Russe/St George, where

In the GLOSPOT1104 sleeve notes, John Cavanagh gives a loving and entertaining portrait of Delia and the circumstances surrounding the album's creation.

Brian Hodgson says:

Don was an Australian mood music composer. [...] I felt uncomfortable working with Don. At our first meeting he was pleasant enough, but I just felt he was using Delia and I to do something he couldn't do himself. [...] Harper got up my nose a lot, so I really kept out of it as much as I could. [...] There were some of my things which I just said to Don "have this" and gave him tracks, but I would say my contribution to it was much less than either Delia or Don's.[1]

According to the Performing Right Society's database, KPM received 50% of the royalties, Harper 25% and Delia and Brian 12.5% each.[2]

Track list

Delia's plan for the album targets the pieces for use in three areas:

  • Documentary suite: Set of utility cues for use in documentaries made for instructional and educational purposes rather then entertainment (productions concerning science, research, mechanisation, pollution etc.)
  • Drama suite
  • Light suite

Most tracks seem to consist of a Delian backing with Harper making discordant noises over them but The Pattern Emerges, Liquid Energy (b) and Celestial Cantabile sound like pure Delia.

Quest - Spectrogram.jpg

Quest - fast - Spectrogram.jpg

Computermatic - Spectrogram.jpg

Frontier of Knowledge - Spectrogram.jpg

The Pattern Emerges - Spectrogram.jpg

Freeze Frame - Spectrogram.jpg

Plodding Power - Spectrogram.jpg

Busy Microbes - Spectrogram.jpg

Liquid Energy (a) - Spectrogram.jpg

Liquid Energy (b) (rhythm only) - Spectrogram.jpg

No Man's Land - Spectrogram.jpg

Depression - Spectrogram.jpg

Nightwalker - Spectrogram.jpg

Electrostings - Spectrogram.jpg

Electrobuild - Spectrogram.jpg

Celestial Cantabile - Spectrogram.jpg

Effervescence - Spectrogram.jpg

The Wizard's Laboratory - Spectrogram.jpg

Shock Chords - Spectrogram.jpg


  • DD150440: Delia's papers relating to Electrosonic are enclosed in a folded sheet with "Received the sum of £200 for 39 Powis Sq (flat 8)" written on it in marker pen
  • DD150638: Typewritten overall plan: DOCUMENTARY SUITE / DRAMA SUITE / LIGHT SUITE
  • DD150510: "K.P.M. 7½ mono!" with Delia's list of corrections to be made to some of the tracks



  • Released on vinyl by KPM Music Library as KPM1104 in 1972.
  • Released in limited editions of 500 copies on 180gm audiophile green/pink/blue vinyl and CD by Glo-spot as GLOSPOT1104 in 2006, 2007 and 2008.
  • It used to be available from Boa Melody Bar but they only have the T-shirt now.
  • You can order the vinyl and hear some samples for free at Boomkat.


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