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DD150638 is a thematic plan for the pieces for the album Electrosonic.

It corresponds closely with the pieces present in the album.

The "Contd..." at the bottom of the page suggests that this was the first page of several, but there are no further pages of this kind in the photosnaps. Contrast enhancement of the top of the photo reveals two lines of words, including the words "in the basic [agenda?]" on a second page underneath this one.

There is a high-definition scan of this in the Medialink library.


                    ELECTRONIC MUSIC
                                        (All timings very approximate)


Set of utility cues for use in documentaries made for instructional
and educational purposes rather than entertainment (productions
concerning science, research, mechanisation, pollution etc.)

1. Title music:  arresting, tuneful, suitable for captions (1 min)

2. Activity: propulsive movement, machinery, computers, busy people
                                                           (1½ mins)

3. Research:  Neutral abstract underscore, person working on an
   experiment, checking reaction to plant cells having used new
   fertilizer etc. (1½ mins)

4. Static research:  looking at cells through microscope, alternative
   use slow motion animated colours gradually changing pattern. (1½)

5. Similar to 4 but instead of gradual dissolving changes the music
   is in squares and oblongs.

6. Big objects (ships, rockets being wheeled to launch pad, cranes,
   aircraft in hangars etc.)  Deep sonorous, prestige.

7. Miniatue [sic] confused activity - insects, germs.

8. Repetitive rhythm pattern fairly fast, for general activity.


1. Wierd desolate space scape - static,mist. (1½ mins).

2. Tension:  Repetitive insistant (1 min).

3. Dramatic action - hurry, panic, chase, fight. (1 min).

4. Ugly mentally deranged (1 min).

5. Strong electronic march - invasion by robots etc. (1-1½ min).

6. Shock chord to held high note. (7 secs).

7. Dramatic statement (7 secs).


1. LSD: Bizarre colourful electronic 'pop music' (2 mins).

2. Floating:  Clouds, slow motion (beautiful) (2 mins).

3. Effervescence, bubbling, joyful, cascading (1½ mins).

4. Comedy:  Electronic slapstick (The Wizards laboratory, Searles
   machines (1½) mins)