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One of the prototype keying units and its oscillators in 1962
Brian Hodgson and keying unit with 12 Jason oscillators

From 1963[1] Delia used the BBC Radiophonic Workshop's bank of twelve Jason Audio Frequency Generators, maybe Model QS-10,[2] test equipment for electronic circuits.[3]

They had "12 sine/square wave generators (Jason) associated with keying unit and adjustable decay unit (workshop construction)."[1]

We had 12 Jason oscillators which were bought at places like Laskys or Radio Shack or whatever. They had a complete sort of 'sweep' knob, and it's all very floppy and flexible and it didn't bear any resemblance to the readings on the dial, you had to mark the dial with a chinagraph pencil, put the same note on in different places on all of them.[4]

I did the Dr Who theme music mostly on the Jason valve oscillators. [...] There were 12 Jason valve oscillators, with 8 electronic gating circuits, built in-house. [...] The Jason was just swoopy, you know Dr. Who swoopy.[5]


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