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In the book The BBC Radiophonic Workshop: The First 25 Years on page 85 it says:

Munich Radio approached the BBC with a polite request for a radiophonic signature tune for their daily news programme, which had since the war been heralded by an Eric Coates March. The BBC agreed, and the Workshop accepted the commission eagerly, thinking it an honour to be asked to export electronic sounds to the country that had first pioneered them. Delia Derbyshire composed the theme, and on the first evening that it was heard on air the German announcer duly credited and thanked the ‘Britisher’ lady composer who was responsible for the piece.

The radio station in question is not the current Munich Radio, which is an internet radio station founded in 2006, but was probably Bayerischer Rundfunk.[1]

Delia's papers contain manuscript fragments headed "Munich", of which the first sheet of manuscript contains tone sequences and a melody with bass line, as well as timings for the notes expressed in inches and a list of the note bands that Delia would have to make up to create the melody,[2] while the second sheet has sustained chords and development of the melody.[3]

The Tape Library List says that the tape for this piece was baptised on 1st July 1965.[4]



  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 6340: Signature tune for Munich Radio: Completed signature tune and makeup.[4]
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 5: Radiophonic Workshop Archive Tape 5 (1964-1966).[4]


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