Panopticon '98

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Delia sipping wine at Panopticon '98
Delia being interviewed at Panopticon '98

Delia was present at Panopticon '98, a television memorabilia conference held in Coventry from 2nd-4th October 1998.


Two very short video clips exist of her, both on YouTube:

In Delia at Panopticon '98, broadcast as THE TAKE: 35 Years of Doctor Who BBC CHOICE on 22.11.1998, she can be seen in the background from 6:41 to 7:23, laughing out loud, sipping red wine and signing things for fans.

In Delia interviewed at Panopticon '98, broadcast as part of Stuart Maconie's documentary on Delia for the TV series Inside Out", she can be seen being interviewed but her words are not audible.