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Stuart Maconie created a documentary all about Delia Derbyshire's life and work for the BBC TV series Inside Out West Midland, broadcast on BBC1 on 15th November 2010.


It contains part of a "interview broadcast now for the very first time" in which Delia says:

The sounds of the air raid sirens - it's an abstract sound and it's meaningful. You know, there was the sound of the "All Clear". Well, that was electronic music in those days.

There is also the classic quote from the BBC Radio Scotland interview:

I was told in no uncertain terms that the BBC does not employ composers. And so it was only by gradually infiltrating the system that I managed to do music. I think you'd call that music, wouldn't you?

Brian Hodgson also appears and says:

She was a sound lady. She loved sound. She loved a thunderstorm. I remember having a whole day when she didn't speak to me until this thunder storm at night and she turned to me and said "Ah, the sound of thunder! Absolutely wonderful!"

while Mark Ayres says:

She was not a person for deadlines. She liked being creative. Deadlines weren't creative, so very frustrated with that.

It also teases us with some shots of twirling school photos dangling in the air on threads and poorly lit, presumably of Delia at school and university.

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