Permutated Poems

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Tape TRW 2078 is credited to Delia in the Radiophonic Database, but it seems that the tape predates Delia's arrival at the workshop because the tape numbers of all Delia's other works are above TRW 4000 and the catalogue's "entry date" for tape 2078 is 1960.

There is a work Permutated Poems, "A series of sound poetry recordings for which Brian Gysin was invited to perform for the BBC radio in 1960".[1] However, that may be something else of the same name.

The notes to the tape's catalogue entry say:

2nd generation copy of programme
Historic Interest
Bob Cobbings and Rosemary Tonks

and it was Delia who worked on Bob Cobbing's "An ABC in Sound" and Rosemary Tonks' "Sono-Montage" in late 1965.