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Pink Floyd in Room 12 in 1967
Pink Floyd at the Workshop
Pink Floyd outside the Maida Vale studios

In October 1967, the band Pink Floyd visited Delia at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. She mentioned that she felt that the tour was a bit of a disappointment and took them in a cab over to Putney where the VCS3 synthesizer was being developed, which was subsequently used by them on their album Dark Side Of The Moon[1]

I took Pink Floyd there [to Peter Zinovieff's studio] in a taxi.[2]

Pink Floyd (came to the workshop) and I took them down to Zinovieff's place. [...] I paid for the bloody taxi for all these people![3]

It was Delia who took Pink Floyd to EMS' studio and it was thanks to her that they bought their Synthi A which they used in several of their albums.[4]


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