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Pink Floyd in Room 12 on 20th December 1967[1]
Pink Floyd at the Workshop
Pink Floyd outside the Maida Vale studios

In October 1967,[2] and/or the 12th December 1967,[1] the band Pink Floyd visited Delia at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. She mentioned that she felt that the tour was a bit of a disappointment and took them in a cab over to Putney where the VCS3 synthesizer was being developed, which was subsequently used by them on their album Dark Side Of The Moon.[2]

I took Pink Floyd there [to Peter Zinovieff's studio] in a taxi.[3]

Pink Floyd (came to the workshop) and I took them down to Zinovieff's place. [...] I paid for the bloody taxi for all these people![4]

It was Delia who took Pink Floyd to EMS' studio and it was thanks to her that they bought their Synthi A which they used in several of their albums.[5]


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