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Stuart Maconie

Stuart Maconie is a BBC radio presenter who never met Delia but who sometimes plays unusual music in his shows.

He is most notable for claiming to have found an unknown Delian track Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be published in America under the pseudonym Doris Hays.[1]. The piece is, in fact, by Delia's american contemporary, Sorrell Hays.

He also writes articles for the free supermarket magazine Waitrose Weekend in which he regurgitates "a hazy soup of half-remembered factlets."[2]


Delia Derbyshire, born in Coventry, but her archive is kept in Manchester now and I went down there to listen to some tapes of hers that they'd never played before and we were listening to them and there was lots of unreleased Delia Derbyshire stuff and at the end there was a piece of music and they said "We don't know what this is. It's not Delia Derbyshire. It's some kind of rock group." and I said "I know who this is. It's Can." and, on the end of one of her tapes, she'd taped some Can off the radio so Delia Derbyshire was a Can fan.
   -- on the Radcliffe and Maconie show on BBC Radio 6, 12th March 2012[3] from 01:25:55-01:26:20 into the programme

In the same programme, Ian Potter recounts seeing the tapes arrive at Manchester.