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Ian Potter, a playwright, phoned in to Stuart Maconie's BBC Radio 6 programme on 12th March 2012 and recounted when he saw Delia's papers arrive in Manchester.


She was amazing. I know the guy who runs the archive and I happened to be at Oxford Road [which runs through the middle of the University of Manchester] in the old studios at work that day and they were being delivered that day, the Delia boxes, and we listened to the makeup tapes for something called Blue Veils and Golden Sands and it's astonishing hearing it all coming together from these little chunks. But then there were also things in there that were, like, music for... there was the trip music used for the film Work Is A Four Letter Word. There were just boxes of bizarre and arcane bits and pieces and there was a big bunch of keys in there which we weren't quite certain what they were but the guy who inherited the Radiophonic Workshop archive, Mark Ayres, who's the person who's really made this stuff available, he thought that they might have been for her passion shed. And that's kind of where that ended. Dot dot dot.
   -- the Radcliffe and Maconie show on BBC Radio 6, 12th March 2012[1] from 01:26:21-01:27.22 into the programme