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The Autocrats' KRAB.FM programme listing

Delia created music for The Autocrat,[1] an Arts & Education Feature for radio written[2] and produced by Paul D'Andrea[3] and directed by Michael Rolfe. The "entry date" for its tape is April 1971.[1]

The tape catalogues and programme listings call it "Autocrats" or "The Autocrats" but its correct title is "The Autocrat".[2][4]

The non-profit non-commercial, listener-sponsored Seattle radio station KRAB.FM lists, in its programme guide for April 1974,[5] on Sunday 28th[6] at 7:30:

This play is based on an actual incident
recorded in 1720, when a ship from
Beirut was refused admission to the
port of Cagliari in Sardinia.  The
Viceroy of the port refused to grant
admittance, giving as a reason a dream
he had had of a ship carrying the
plague.  In the words of D'Andrea,
“...the play concerns an executive
intellect being confronted with a
manifestation of insurrection.”
Directed by Michael Rolfe of the BBC with
three of the BBC's finest actors: David
Brierley as the Adjutant; Garard Green
as St. Remys; Jumoke Debayo as Palla. 

Track Listing

The play is almost all spoken voice with a few "flare" effects (which sound like bursts of filtered noise) and Delia contributes two pieces of music, one as the Intro before the speaking starts and one as the tail-out, again without a voiceover.


A smooth, gently evolving melodic soundscape. An actress sobs over the fadeout of the final sound. The Autocrat - Intro - Spectrogram.jpg


"Rat Attack" is the name Paul D'Andrea gives to Delia's outro music, though the sound is more similar to a symphony of seagulls' cries. The Autocrat - Outro - Spectrogram.jpg


The play's copyright is owned by its author and producer Paul D'Andrea[3] who also says: “If you come across any opportunities for broadcast or other presentation, either commercial or not-for-profit, do follow up. It's work that should be known. Delia's "Rat Attack" (33:00 to 35:19) is a masterpiece.”[4]


  • Does not seem to have been broadcast by the BBC.[7]
  • “In the early to mid 70's, National Public Radio and the National Endowment for the Arts financed the production of a series of radio plays, some of which were purchased from the BBC, and it was broadcast by KRAB-FM, a NPR affiliate at that time on 28th April 1974 at 7:30pm on the 5th October 1974 at 8:30pm, 30th April 1976 at 2:00pm and 18th March 1977 at 7:30pm.[5]
  • Dozens of programmes in the "Earplay" series are available at -> Series beginning with 'E' -> Earplay NPR
    but they do not include The Autocrat.[8]
  • The BBC Sound Archive's tape TRW 7379 is missing.[1]
  • Paul D'Andrea has kindly digitised his master tape and given permission for the Delian audio to be included here.


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