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In Delia's papers is a copy of a newspaper article The electronic music makers,[1] with page heading 'ARIEL 21 JANUARY ... [page] 9', which mentions Orpheus, Paolozzi and "several RadioVision programmes" (of which Paolozzi was one).

The year in which it appeared could be found from the following article, which says that Mark White becomes the new head of BBC Radio 2.

The article says that Orpheus won the "Minister of Education prize in last year's Japan Prize Contest", and the same claim is made in BBC Report and Accounts 1971-72[2] so we can assume the article is from 1972 or 1973.

There is a high-definition scan of it in the Medialink library.


Educational programmes

The group of people who constantly demand music for their programmes are the producers of educational programmes.

Says Desmond Briscoe: ‘Delia Derbyshire composed the music for the schools programme Orpheus which won the Minister of Education prize in last years's Japan Prize Contest. She had to create sounds that would have been made by stones and trees if they were able to speak. She has also composed the background music for several RadioVision programmes. One of the most recent was about the sculptor Paolozzi, and the music had to act as a link between the transparencies.’


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