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Delia created music for BBC Radio 4's "RadioVision" schools' programme "Paolozzi" produced by Joan Griffiths.[1]

In January 1971, Joan Griffiths wrote to Desmond Briscoe saying that "Eduardo Paolozzi has agreed to take part in devising and broadcasting a radiovision programme on his work, to be broadcast in Autumn 1971, and recorded in April and May, completed at latest by June."[2]

Its tape's catalogue entry is dated March 1971[1] and the booklet accompanying the broadcast is dated Autumn 1971.[3]

The BBC Genome Project lists:[4]

BBC Radio 4
Wednesday 7 March 1973
11.40 Art and Humanities
Eduardo Paolozzi (radiovision) script by FRANK WHITFORD
Music by DELIA DERBYSHIRE BBC Radiophonic Workshop 



  • Broadcast on the 7th March 1973 at 11:40 on BBC Radio 4.[4]
  • The BBC Sound Archive's tape TRW 7352 is missing.[1]
  • The accompanying booklet "Radiovision Notes", encourages schools to tape record the programme and to show it accompanied by a BBC-produced filmstrip of slides, so it is conceivable that some school or teacher may still have a copy of the audio and/or of the slides.[5]


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