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B.B.C. team arrested in France filming H-bomb plant

Delia created music for French Eyes on the Future, a 60-minute[1] BBC TV film written and produced by Roy Battersby with music by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.[2]

"An appraisal of French strength today including the atom experiments. The theme is how dearly France is paying to go it alone."[3]

The film was shot in March-April 1965[4] and broadcast in 1965[5] around July.[6]

The National Educational Television Records, 1951-1969 contain a press release for it.[7]

French Eyes seems to be one of Delia's favourite pieces, as it is mentioned in the list of pieces she was thinking of using for the Brighton Festival[8] in April 1967, and for Magic Box broadcast 5 February 1967.


  • Broadcast on BBC1 on 1st June 1965 from 9.25pm[9] to 10.20pm.[5]
  • Broadcast in the U.S.A. on 8th August 1966 at 8.30pm in California,[10] Oakland, [11] San Mateo[1] and Texas[12], on 22nd August 1966 in Missouri[13] and at 10.00pm on 24th August 1966 in New York.[14]
  • In the BBC Sound Archive on tape TRW 6299.[9]
  • A trailer was on tape TRW 6317 but that tape is no longer to be found.[15]


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