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From 8th July 1968 (maybe up to the 15th September)[1], Delia created two potential signature tunes[2] for a weekly Radio 4[3] BBC programme The Living World with programme code TRW 6886[4] produced by Robina Gyle-Thompson[5] of the Natural History Unit, Bristol and created by zoologist John Sparks.[6]

Both signature tunes seem to have been rejected by John Sparks[7][8] who used a jazz theme instead,[3] leaving Delia hoping that her music might be used in the New Year.[3]

Makeup tapes

The producer at the Natural History Unit, Bristol provided a tape of sound effects, a Mr Ball lent a tape of Eastern Nigerian sound effects for it[3] and Delia also used a tape of library material.[9]

The three source tapes are referred to by Delia as "her tape", "Br's tape"[10] and "Real Nature tape from disk".[11]


Her papers include a folder containing her notes for it and some letters about it.