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Here is a summary of the status of each of Delia's pieces of music with our best estimates of:

  • When Delia created the piece
    • < and <= mean "before" and "in or before"
  • When it was first played to the public or published on record
  • How real the piece is:
    • Rumor/Hunch: something we have heard mentioned somewhere
    • Unknown: There is sufficient evidence that Delia created the piece, but we do not know of a recording of it
    • Score: We have Delia's score for it but no source of audio
    • Exists: We know of at least one place in the world where there is a recording but it is not available yet
    • Fragments: Part of the original audio survives
    • Vinyl rip / Radio rip: Amateur home digitizations of recordings from LP or radio
    • MP3: A compressed version of a good-quality master
    • CD: Uncompressed full-quality audio derived from the master tapes
  • Who the copyright belongs to
    • BBC: BBC Music or BBC Worldwide Music
    • MS: The PRS records say "Publisher: MS" but we don't know what this means
    • Free: The track was published on one of the "Library records of sounds effects"
    • To be determined: Someone else, not the BBC. Research needs doing.

This list has not yet been updated in the light of my work on the Radiophonic Database, which throws more light on the BBC pieces.

See also the page Pieces, another attempt at this.

Piece Created Published Reality Copyright
A Bayeux Tapestry BBC Radio 13 Oct 1966 TRW 6442 BBC
A Game of Chess Sept 1966 BBC Radio 5/12 Jun 1967 Master tape BBC
A New View of Politics 5 Feb 1967 CD BBC
A Year IR pre-14th April 1967[1] Hunch
About Bridges Exists To be determined
Air CD BBC Worldwide Music[2]
Alphaville Never Unknown
Amor Dei CD BBC Worldwide Music[2]
An ABC in Sound Exists BBC
Anamorphosis Rumor
Anything Goes Score Unpublished?
Ape Score
Arabic Science and Industry CD BBC
Aztecs BBC
Badinerie On DD124
Beachcomber Rumor[3]
Beyond the Sun BBC Worldwide Music[2]
Blue Veils and Golden Sands CD BBC Worldwide Music[2]
Boys And Girls Come Out To Play MP3 BBC
Brief Lives
Brighton Festival
Bring Back
Busy Microbes CD Free
Call Sign
Car Feature 24 June 1968 BBC
Celestial Cantabile CD Free
Chains On DD174 BBC
Chromophone Band CD BBC?
Chronicle 1 Feb 1969[4] CD "MS" [?]
Circle of Light Rip To be determined
City Music CD BBC
Clever Colours Unpublished[2] Unknown
Closed Planet BBC
Clothes Score ?
Computermatic CD Free
D.A. ?
Daedalus To be determined
Daily Vox Pop 5 May 1968 24 June 1968 Score BBC
Dance from Noah 1971
Delia's Dream CD Free
Delia's Fulfilment CD Free
Delia's Idea CD Free
Delia's Psychadelian Waltz CD Free
Delia's Resolve CD Free
Delia's Reverie CD Free
Delia's Theme CD Free
Depression CD Free
Doctor Who CD BBC Worldwide Music[2]
Door To Door CD BBC Worldwide Music[2]
Dreaming 5 July 1971 CD Free
Duffer 1971 DVD
Early Morning Score
Een Van Die Dagen Exists To be determined
Effervescence CD Free
Electrobuild CD Free
Electronic Unknown
Electrostings CD Free
Engineering Craft Studies Unknown BBC?
Environmental Studies CD BBC
F. Y. in T.
Firebird 1967 1968 CD Island Music[2]
Freeze Frame 1972 CD Free
French Eyes on the Future Unknown BBC
Fresh Aire Free
Frontier of Knowledge Free
Frozen Waste BBC
Gothic Submarine Free
Gravel 1963 Q3/4 BBC Worldwide Music[2]
Great Mysteries MS
Great Zoo
Great Zoos of the World BBC
Hamlet To be determined
Happy Birthday BBC Worldwide Music[2]
Heat Haze BBC
Here come the Fleas Island Music[2]
High Flooty Stuff On DD205
Huntley and Palmer On DD066 To be determined
I.E.E.100 BBC
ICI Fashion Show To be determined
Icy Peak BBC
In a Monastery Garden To be determined
Indian Cinderella
Inventions for Radio BBC
Joan Elliott Calls June 1968 24 June 1968 Score BBC
John Peel's Voice BBC
Know Your Car CD BBC Worldwide Music[2]
Labyrynth Rumor[5]
Lay in the Life
Le Pont Mirabeau Score & exists BBC
Liquid Energy (a) Free
Liquid Energy (b) Free
Living Lessons
London Lemons MP3 from vinyl Kaleidophon
Love Without Sound CD Island Music[2]
Lure of the Space Goddess CD Free
ME in History
Macbeth (1967) To be determined
Macbeth (1971) To be determined
Mattachin BBC Worldwide Music[2]
Moogies Bloogies 10 Sep 1966 MP3 To be determined
Music of Spheres 1970 4 Nov 1970 Crackly vinyl rip BBC
Music to Midnight Mid-1963 Hunch BBC
Music to Undress to Score Unpublished
My Game of Loving CD Island Music[2]
Nightwalker CD Free
No Man's Land CD Free
Oliver Twist
On The Level To be detemined
One Pair of Eyes None[2]
Orpheus 1970 Early 1971 BBC
Out of the Unknown - Title Music 1965 Never used Unknown BBC
Phantoms of Darkness CD Free
Philips To be determined
Planetarium CD Free
Plodding Power CD Free
Poets in Prison Unknown To be determined
Pollock < 21 Feb 1974 Not used On DD202 ?
Pompeii BBC
Pot Au Feu <= 1965 1971 CD BBC Worldwide Music[2]
Pot-pourri On DD147 To be determined
Quest CD Free
Quest - fast CD Free
Radio 2 jingle Unknown BBC
Radio Brighton Train Idents Jan 1971 Unused On DD140
Radio Leicester <= 1970 Unknown BBC
Radio Munich Unknown To be determined
Radio Newsreel 26 Jul 1963- Score BBC
Radio Solent Crackly vinyl BBC
Random Together 1 To be detemined
Raven and Dove Exists at UofM
Restless Relays CD Free
Robert Lowell 1970 Exists To be determined
Rock Collage On DD113
Science Serves the Arts BBC
Science and Health 1979 CD BBC
Searching 1-10 Feb 1966 Score & audio on DD066 To be determined
Shock Chords CD Free
Sig of something On DD120
Singing Waters On DD066
Slow Train to Outer Space[2] Unknown
Speech Hunch
Spin 22-30 April 1966 Score To be determined
Synchrondipity Machine MP3 E.A.R.
Synthesiser Bach and Improvisation On DD062
Talk Out Vinyl rip BBC
Tempest On DD116
Tentative Delia CD Free
The Afterlife CD BBC
The Anger of Achilles 17 May 1964 CD BBC
The Bagman March 1970 Radio rip BBC
The Black Mass Island Music[2]
The Business of Good Government Unknown To be determined
The Cloud ?
The Coloured Wall 1968 To be determined
The Cyprian Queen Fragments BBC Worldwide Music[2]
The Daily Chronicle 1966? Rumor
The Dark Ages BBC Worldwide Music[2]
The Delian Mode BBC Worldwide Music[2]
The Dreams 5 Jan 1964 Radio rip of long version
CD of short version
BBC Worldwide Music[2]
The Evenings of Certain Lives Fragments BBC
The Legend of Hell House DVD rip Warner Bros[2]
The Living World 8 Jul - 15 Sep 1968 Never used Unknown BBC?
The Long Distance Piano Player 15 Oct 1970 BBC
The Long Polar Walk pre-29 Oct 1971[6] BBC
The Macra Terror 1967 BBC Worldwide Music[2]
The Man Who Collected Sounds Composer's copy on CD BBC
The Naked Sun BBC
The Pattern Emerges CD Free
The Tower Unknown BBC
The Visitation Island Music[2]
The Wizard's Laboratory CD Free
Tiger Talks To be determined
Time On Our Hands BBC
Time To Go 26 Nov 2002 CD BBC Worldwide Music[2]
Towards Tomorrow 7 Dec 1967 BBC Worldwide Music[2]
Traitor[2] Unknown MS
Travelling In Winter 5 July 1971 Unknown BBC
Tutankhamun's Egypt Unpublished[2]
Unidentified signature tune and jingle On DD121
Unknown Title[2]
W. in S.
Way Out in Piccadilly
Ways of Seeing 1972 BBC Music[2]
Who Is March 1968 On DD066
Wildlife Safari to the Argentine If the film still exists To be determined
Wildlife Showcase MS
Work Is A Four Letter Word To be determined
Wrapping Piece Unknown To be determined
Your Hidden Dreams Island Music[2]
Ziwzih Ziwzih OO-OO-OO BBC Worldwide Music[2]


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