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There's loads to do on the WikiDelia.

Writing the wikidelia


Document recovery

  • Retrieve The Times article from 16th January 1968 reviewing Pot Pourri at the Queen Elizabeth Hall concert.
  • Find the article about the BBC Radiophonic Workshop published in the magazine "Tatlers" on 12th May 1965.
  • Find a copy of the Record Collector Magazine interview in 1997

At Manchester

  • Get a better scan of The Dark Ages glossy magazine article for the photo of Briscoe and Delia. Library catalogue number GB 133 DDA/1/5/19.

Papers to transcribe

Scores to typeset

The following pieces are only known from their scores, so typesetting one will resurrect an otherwise lost piece:

These need completing:

and the following pieces are good candidates for conventional scoring from their spectrograms:

Audio to recover

Radio programmes

  • The Cyprian Queen broadcast 2nd March 1964 at 8:30pm on the Home Service
  • The Death of a Jelly Baby/Gravel broadcast
    • 29th May 1964 at 8.45pm on the BBC Third Programme
    • 14th June 1964
  • The Pool broadcast
    • 5th March 1965 at 21:50 on BBC Network Three
    • 22nd March 1965
    • 8th January 1966
  • The Dark Ages broadcast
    • 1st May 1965 at 8.00pm
    • 17th May 1965
  • The Flame broadcast
    • 16th July 1965 on the BBC Third Programme
    • 1st August 1965.
  • An ABC in Sound broadcast 7th January 1966
  • A Bayeux Tapestry broadcast
    • 13 October 1966 at 7:50pm on the Third Programme
    • 1 November 1967 20.35 on BBC Radio 3
    • 2 November 1969 14.30 on BBC Radio 4 FM
  • The Coming of the Car, episode of BBC Radio for Schools series "The Modern World" broadcast
    • 9th November 1966
  • A Year I Remember: A Silence filled with Greek, broadcast
    • 17th January 1967 at 7:30pm on the BBC Third Programme
    • 10th February 1967
  • Home This Afternoon should have Delia's title music from 1967 on.
  • The Applicant radio play
    • 21st December 1967 at 8.50pm on BBC Radio 3
    • 26th April 1968
  • Anti Smoking Campaign for Radio Leeds, late 1968.
  • The Autocrats, in the NPR Earplay series, was broadcast on American radio station KRAB.FM
    • Apr 28, 1974 at 7:30pm
    • Oct 5, 1974 at 8:30pm
    • Apr 30, 1976 at 2:00pm
    • Mar 18, 1977 at 7:30pm

These interviews may be interesting:

  • The Afternoon Shift, 28th March 1997, BBC Radio 4, a programme about the demise of the BBCRW.
  • The BBC has Oram interview quotes in its recording of The World This Weekend: 10 Years of The Radiophonic Workshop (1972)[1] Also on TRW 6843. See if the episode has any mention of Delia or her work.

Where to search:

  • The Old Time Radio Researchers make a lot of old radio recordings available on the web, mostly American series from the 1940s.
  • RadioGOLDINdex lists mostly American radio shows that he used to have but does not provide content.
  • Radio Spirits reissues old American Radio programmes and bought many of the master tapes from RadioGOLDINdex.
  • There are many collectors of British radio recordings, but you have to contact them individually.
  • The British Library Drama and literature recordings for BBC Radio and RSC audio recordings
  • The British Library has a collection of BBC Radio recordings but "The BBC Sound Archive Catalogue can currently only be accessed in the British Library's Humanities - floor 2 reading room, where printed catalogues or microfiche (shelfmark HUS025.348209421) detailing pre-1992 holdings can be browsed."[2] although "The online catalogue details a significant proportion of the Library's radio holdings"[2]
  • University College London has some radio programmes, but you need to be a UCL student, member of staff or honorary member of staff.

BBC TV programmes

Where to search:

Album tracks

  • The shorter version of Firebird on vinyl (2:46 instead of the CD's 3:00)

In libraries/institutions

On the Radiophonic Workshop tapes

and Delia's music for over a hundred other programmes

On the Attic Tapes

See Attic Tapes:Wishlist



  • Torrent a digital copy of the Attic Tapes and the Ayres hoard.

Audio Processing


System Administration